2D and 3D Projects


This was the study of transformation, something that starts from an abstract form in transition to an object. I used a abstract form and developed it into a car. Earthenware clay was used for this study, glazed with Spectrum 1188 Pewter Glaze.

Medium: Earthenware Clay

Dionaea Muscipula

Dionaea Muscipula was the study for biomorphism combining the patterns into a living object. Was using a bone like structure attached to a Venus fly trap plant. Stoneware Clay was used for this project. Glazed with Spectrum 1107 Black and 1106 Crimson.

Medium: Stoneware Clay


Illustration depicting the growing epidemic of obesity in America. With the craze of the hoverboard and deemed unhealthy fried chicken, this illustration married the worst of both world together.

Medium: Marker and Chalk Size: 30”x40

Pet As Owners

In this illustration, it depicts how people are treating their pets like humans at a rate where they are above their owners. This illustration shows that, pet owners are pretty much slave to their pets, as in a society where there pets are walking humans and treating them as pets.

Medium: Colored Pencils and Chalk Size: 30”x40

Automotive Furniture


This Idea came to me when I had a damaged wheel and I did not want to throw it away. The wheel was upcycled into a table. It was constructed with 2 brake rotors and 5zigen FNOTR-C wheels.


The wheel had a crack that needed to be repaired. Once repaired it was sanded and prepped for paint. Rotors were painted also, as these were all used/old items. Then pieced together using threaded rod , which allows adjustment of height on the unit. Then to top it of is a 18” glass top.