Video Production

ConnectPRO - Hdmx7

This was a video made for ConnectPRO for the HDMX7 extender, which showed how the unit is connected with the CATx Cable.

ConnectPRO - UD-12AP Release

ConnectPRO wanted a video release of their new line in their UD series. This was the press release video.

#WatDaES - Leaving the House

This video captures the beauty of the modified car, when it has been lowered beyond the point of return. The struggle of going in and out of places, yet it is done with ease and blissfulness.

Autofashion vipfest 9

This was a montage of clips for Autofasion VIPFEST 9. Showcasing different cars and the culture that surrounds the car scene.

Nitto Tires 3rd Auto Enthusiast Day drift event

This video was on the Sony Xperia Z3 , I wanted to test how good cell phone videos can really be. Was able to stitch this video together as a test.

Visual Conversation for Creativity

In Ray Kampf ART452 Graphic Design 3 we had to do a visual conversation with classmate. I created a nostalgia feeling of using AIM to display the conversation we had.