BEU - Find and express who you are

BeU was looking for a logo design, pamphlet/booklet to be handed out and a gift basket that is to be mailed to those in need. They are a non profit organization with the interest to help those who are lost and need some guidance. BeU mission statement: We provide a helping hands to teens who are having trouble expressing who they are. Find who you are and express who you are. Be You!


Beu Book

BeU booklet was developed to helps guide people to believing in them self, we provided encouraging words to help people through hard times. The book was designed with bright color printed on black. The concept of the book was built based on the back cover of the book. Which was inlaid with a reflective material that reflected you the reader.

BeU is a helping hand to help you to find who you are and be the you want to be. As Tegan Quin state:

“You are NOT A BAD PERSON because you are GAY. You are you because YOU ARE YOU and you were meant to be you so BE YOU PROUDLY.”

We are building a bridge between teens with gender issues. We provide guidance to lost teens. Help teens find who they are and express who they are. BeU, building foundation on a daily basis.

“I wanted to wait ... to have enough years under my belt where people knew that it wasn’t a phase or anything and I wasn’t doing it for attention; THIS IS A PART OF WHO I AM, and I’m old enough to really know who I am by now” - Evan Rachel Wood


Gift package

The gift package layout was all the same, when you open it, you will have a mirror which reflects you and gift package included a BeU t-shirt. What is in the package may vary from different people, In this package for example was for someone who was in transition and trying yo find them selves. What was provided was some makeup and shades.