Nissan NISMO GT-R Magazine Ad

Nissan was marketing towards the Chinese comunity, by advertising the GT-R in Chinese Magazines. In the ad it states “NISMO GT-R無與倫比的跑車駕駛體驗” which means that no other sports car in the market can match up to the driving experience of the NISMO GT-R. In this shot, the GT-R is looking at the on ramp/freeway it is about to take on.


Show Casing

Nissan wanted to showcase the new Nissan Nismo GT-R. In the shot they wanted to showcase the rear diffuser and exhaust of the GT-R.

This ad was released in June 2016, sales for the GT-R was very low compared to Nissan previous years. In June, Nissan was able to sell 44 GT-R's, but in July they sold 52. By August, Nissan sold 88 GT-R's that month. Sales was increased by 50% within two months.