2 Weeks Club

2 Weeks Club is a group of car friends that came together to help each other grown. Not only in the car world, but also in life. They enable each other to do better. The bond of friends that was built with the idea that auto shops constantly give false ETA of when the car will be completed.

2 Weeks Club was in need of a logo and a simple text design was based on old lettering of automotive signs. The logo brings the nostalgia feeling of the old era of the automotive world.

2_weeks_ club_logo.jpg


Each time 2 Weeks Club has an outing a sticker will be made for the event. Kind of like collecting badges in a Pokémon game. Bellow was a Dim Sum event where the group got together to have lunch.

This designed incorporated a Bao, which is a very popular among the Asian community, with the 2 Weeks Club logo tied with a X chopstick and the word Dim Sum

2_weeks_ club_dimsum_sticker.jpg
2_weeks_ club_dimsum_logo.jpg

2 Weeks Club asked for a sticker to be made for one of the group members, it was an inside joke that sprouted to into an actual design. What was requested was the member to be riding a baguette. The request gave me idea of a child riding a rocket. Which produced the idea of one of the members riding a baguette with a childs body.