Rage On is an app that allows users to communicate with a random user, while staying anonymous and release their frustration or anger. Rage On was designed for the average app users to the most elitist app users. The objective is for a person to release their anger or stress. It means its made for you, RAGE ON!

RAGE ON wireframe

RAGE ON wireframe

The app has a very simple layout that anyone from any age can use and understand. When the app is loaded a splash screen will appear, then you will be asked to log on with a user name. Once you have created your user name you can now choose the level of anger you have, level is based from 1 - 4. Level one is annoyed, Level 2 is frustrated, level 3 is infuriated, and level 4 is hostile.

Once you have chosen your anger level, you will be brought to a chat room. That is where the fun begins, you can start complaining about anything you like, bring your rage into the group and others can join you and continue the rant or just troll you back. You can switch between anger levels anytime.


RAGE ON will help people lower their of anger, according to Time's magazine, 45% of us regularly lose our temper at work and 65% of office workers have experienced office rage. When you log on to RAGE ON, you can go on a rant about anything by relieving your anger in a safe environment. By writing down your issue, it can allow you to relive majority of that anger and you can go back to work.