Romantic comedy film festival

The Romantic Comedy Film Festival required needed a poster and gift package to be given out at the film festival. Inspiration came from romantic old films and the nostalgic feeling of watching movies with a significant other, which allowed the idea of the love for the film real. A poster was developed and a gift package was designed for the viewers at the show. We teamed up with Stella Rose and Trojan Condoms to create this special gift package,  heart shape box that included two wine glasses, a wine, and a pack of condoms.


Giveaway Gift package

This gift package was designed with the idea of a romantic candlelit dinner in mind. We teamed up with Stella Rose to create a limited edition Romantic Comedy special edition Stella Pink. Provided with the Stella Pink are 2 wine glasses. We teamed up with Trojan Condoms to promote safe sex and allowing the comical relief to the package.

Romantic comedy film festival Poster

This poster was created based on the idea of the love of film and the heart and joy that go into romantic comedy films. With these two idea married together, the idea of the heart shaped film real was born. This poster was advertised all over the Philidephia city.