ConnectPRO website

ConnectPRO is a KVM and extender company located in Walnut, California. They needed a Industry Navigation Bar for their website. It need to be ease of access and simple to navigate.

An Icon set was developed for this and each page was filled with content regarding the industries.

Icons made for the following Categories

Government & Military




Control Center


Media & Broadcast








Utilities & Energy


Data Centers


Video Connection and Diagram

Customer often times get confused on what kind of video connection they have, so we had to setup a diagram explaining the different connections available and what they look like.

Since not all video connection is available on the KVM, customer often time will need to convert their video connection to work with the KVM. These diagrams helped customer understand how each video connection can be converted and what will work and will not work.


The Industry Navigation Bar was placed under ConnectPRO advertisement banner. The location the bar was placed was easily to be seen and allowing customers to click through each industries and finding what matches their needs.

Advertising and Header Banners

Advertising and Header Banners were made for the website showcasing their product line. Each product banner was designed specifically for what they are used for in the field. Industries specif banners were made also used.

User Manual

ConnectPRO needed used manuals for their product line. Product manual explained how to use the unit and the specs of the unit.

User Manual for the UDP2-12AR2

Quick start guide for the EDID emulator line.

This guided was meant to help customer to get their unit up and running quickly. There are diagrams explaining what each item is on the unit also the specs of the unit.